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Solotech adds CB5 LED panels to rental inventory

Solotech has invested in a substantial amount of ROE Visual LED panels to expand its LED inventory. The Carbon series CB5 LED panels will be deployed for several Solotech projects. Since its creation in 1977, Canadian‐based Solotech has grown to become a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology. Following its UK organizational restructure aligning with Solotech's global structure, the Solotech UK group is dedicated to supporting its UK client base, sharing resources and services. "When we noticed a higher demand in the market for rental projects, we're keen to invest in ROE Visual LED panels. Based on our experience in the

US with the ROE Visual products, we could decide to invest in this sizeable batch of LED panels fairly quickly. With the market gearing up again, we want to be ready to serve our clients with first‐class equipment," comments Ian Woodall, Director of Video – UK for Solotech. "We have developed a strong partnership with Solotech over the past year, and we are delighted to further strengthen this by supplying them with a large quantity of CB5. The LED panels will be used for live shows in the UK and around the world," states David Morris, responsible for Business Development UK & Ireland for ROE Visual.

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