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Singapore’s Lasalle College of Art chooses PMC monitors for its new mastering studio

Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore has installed a PMC MB2 XBD Passive monitoring system with P2400 amps in a new mastering facility it has built to complement existing facilities at its School of Contemporary Music. Eugene Ng, the School of Contemporary Music’s technical officer and teaching assistant, says the PMC system is already proving incredibly popular with students studying for diplomas in audio production. “They are definitely impressed with the system and have been excited every time they use it,” he says. “After spending some time working on the monitors, I find myself having to listen to every single piece of music again. Their depth, imaging and transient response is top notch. So far, all the mixes and mastering we have done with the monitors have been accurate and they have certainly made our lives easier.”

A recording and mix engineer by profession, Eugene Ng is responsible for procuring equipment for the Diploma of Audio Production programme and for mentoring students on the course. The School’s new mixing and mastering facility is part of the ongoing expansion of its current facilities, which already include a theatre, a recording studio, a computer lab and various rehearsal spaces.

“Mastering is one of the most common topics that students have queries about, but in Singapore there are not many mastering facilities that students can access to work on their projects,” Ng says. “We have been piecing the space together slowly, so you could say this is a work in progress. We have been slowly procuring equipment for the space and we hope to upgrade the studio into a state of art facility in the future.”

The monitoring system was a significant purchase and to ensure that he got exactly what he needed, Ng took advice from Malcolm Chan, General Manager of SSL Asia which represents PMC products in Singapore.

“Malcolm was a key reason why we chose PMC,” Ng explains. “Knowing that SSL Asia was on the ground here, working out all the details and the tech support for us, was really important – they did an excellent job by being there every step of the way. We also know that SSL Asia will always be there for us if we need support in the future and we are looking forward to forming a meaningful relationship with PMC.”


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