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Silver Star’s full color fixtures support the largest planetarium in the World

Shanghai planetarium, a new cultural landmark of Shanghai, is the largest planetarium in the world. It took a total of 10 years from the creation to the opening. Looking down from the air, it is like a huge starship moored in the port. The unique round hole skylight, ball screen cinema and inverted dome constitute a unique structure, which is full of mystery

The Shanghai planetarium elaborately designed the environmental atmosphere, lighting & sound effects and high simulation scene simulation means.


It specifically selected the ECLIPSE 1000 RGBAL and FREZNO ze‐2 RGBAL from Yajiang Silver Star, to build an immersive space experience environment; Cooperate with various advanced display means such as upper somatosensory interaction, data visualization, AR, VR and biometrics, integrate viewing, listening and touching, fully mobilize the emotions and senses of visitors, and lead visitors to obtain a new cosmic exploration experience in the mysterious and beautiful space‐time artistic conception.


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