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Silver Star presents the natural beauty of Jiangnan

One beautiful evening of July, an orchestral music painting with the theme of "Hearing Jiangnan" was grandly staged at the Zhejiang Experimental Art Theater.

The lights were focused on the stage, shining precisely on the musicians and dancers. Light and shadow complement each other. The robes fluttered in the light and shadow, as if the moon was covered by a light cloud, and it was swaying like the snow returning to the flowing wind.

In order to create the overall atmosphere of Jiangnan picture, the stage chose Silver Star ECLIPSE 1000 RGBAL and FREZNO ZE‐2 RGBAL, these 2 items are designed for professional Theaters and Opera, it maximizes the soul of the "shape" for the light.

Clearly present the performers' movements and expressions. It is a perfect tool for the theatre and Opera. ECLIPSE 1000 RGBAL and FREZNO ZE‐2 RGBAL, come with extremely smooth and uniform color mixing, high CRI:90Ra, truly present the original colors, high efficiency and stable heat‐ sink system, make sure its high performance. Super silent, precise CCT from 2700K to 8000K, the best choice for all kinds of applications.


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