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Founded in October 1959, the Wuhan Theatre is located in the east of Xunli Gate of Jiefang Street and closes to the Jianghan walking street. City Children’s Palace and Tianan Hotel are located around the theatre. Because of its beautiful environment and convenience of the traffic, it is also called “the window of the socialist ideological and ethical progress”.

As the night‐time economy is developing, architecture becomes the cultural decoration for the night environment. Besides, these days more and more cities are using architecture to build up the symbol of their own culture. In the recent project upgrade the night‐vision of Wuhan Theatre, there are many SILVER STAR ECLIPSE COLOR IP were used in the project, which not only becomes more meaningful, but also makes the theatre much more gorgeous.

Silver Star ECLIPSE COLOR IP HEX is the new generation technology with 6 colors RGBALC IP profile, its special optical design creates a crystal‐clear and super even projection, while its advanced internal manual framing system allow for cutting various shapes of lighting. All of these outstanding features now make the Wuhan Theatre a much livelier building, in delivering its own language and cultural spirit.

Silver Star ECLIPSE COLOR IP HEX with its super high CRI≥95Ra truly reflects the original style of Wuhan Theater at night.

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