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Sightline Studio takes PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr

Sydney's corporate event production specialists Sightline were early adopters of the Prolights EclPanel TWCJr, the compact 1×1 LED soft light that has taken the event industry by storm. “The fresnels in our studio were giving us too many unwanted shadows so we were looking for a replacement,” explained Steve Hill, Lighting Director at Sightline. “We had used Chameleon's larger EclPanels and thought they were great however we only required the smaller model for our work.” Sightline purchased eight Prolights EclPanel TWCJr along with sixty‐ degree egg crates to create a narrower beam when required and barn doors to adjust the light beam. “The first thing I noticed was that the colour out of them is amazing and the spread is incredible,” enthused Steve. “Everything about the EclPanel TWCJr is great which is very impressive.”

Due to Covid, a good portion of Sightline's events are now streamed with a handful of hybrid events thrown into the mix. “We'd have a small audience in the room whilst we were streaming the event and that's why we added the sixty‐ degree crates and barn doors,” said Steve. “They make sure the light isn't hitti ng the roof, floor or objects on the side for the people in the room. However, normally the fixtures are used simply as studio lights.”

They're all matched to each other showing they must have spent a lot of the LEDs to ensure they're all the same.

The EclPanel TWCJr allows for quick and accurate local adjustment of light through three rotatory knobs with three fully‐featured modes: CCT with +/‐ green shift, HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity, FX mode to access the onboard pixel cinema effects.

“There is absolutely nothing tricky about the EclPanel TWCJr,” added Steve. “There are 100 different ways to program it but it's super simple. There are four pixel segments as well if you want to get really fancy.The inbuilt effects are great too, for example, you can imitate police sirens, welding, flashing cameras and all sorts for filming. They are so easy to use, no one needs to be told how to use them as it's all incredibly simple.”

Steve comments that while he tends not to use wireless control for live streaming, the EclPanel TWCJr's W‐ DMX has been 100% solid when he has deployed it and that very impressed him.

Article written by Show Technology

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