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ROE Visual Graphite - Durable and Lightweight LED Solution

ROE Visual is delighted to announce the release of Graphite, the new indoor LED panel targeting the indoor event market. The launch offers a durable yet lightweight LED solution that provides quick installation through its intuitive smart‐lock system. Graphite is ideal for building large LED walls and ceilings fast and efficiently for any indoor event space.

Durable Meets Lightweight: The launch is designed to offer a lightweight LED solution for builds where reducing weight can be a decisive factor.

Weighing in at just under 17 kg/m2, Graphite is durable yet lightweight, meaning there aren’t any compromises made to either the panel design or the visual performance. So, you can expect brilliant visual performances and high‐ grade LED quality every time.

Quick Installation with an Intuitive Smart‐Lock System: Fast and effortless installation is achieved through Graphite’s clever panel design.

Impressive, yet weightless panels are combined with integrated magnet‐ assisted assembly and a smart‐lock system. The smart‐lock system saves up to 40% of the assembly time compared to standard LED panels.

The Ideal LED Solution for Indoor Events: Graphite allows for various installation options and configurations for any indoor event. You have the choice of building an LED wall, ceiling, or curved LED displays. Furthermore, Graphite offers easy solutions for building your LED display at raked angles or double‐sided with the inclusion of full or half panels.

Eye‐Catching Visual Performance: The Graphite panel guarantees an eye‐catching visual performance through its dazzling brightness, reaching 1500 nits and fitted with fine pitch, black‐body LEDs. The 16‐bit grayscales translate into an accurate and vivid color representation, while the panel stands out with a stable

and reliable performance. Graphite is available in a 2.6 as well as a 3.1‐pixel pitch.

Graphite will secure its place in the indoor rental market based on its unique blend of features. This innovative LED display is the perfect solution for users looking for a reliable, efficient, and fine pixel pitch LED display.

“Now that the global rental market for LED display is fast‐paced recovering, Graphite fills the gap for the growing demand for an efficient indoor LED display. Graphite possesses all features required in the rental market and more. The panel design focuses on fast and efficient installation while providing an excellent visual performance,” states Grace Kuo, Sales Director at ROE Visual, “We believe that Graphite will be soon favored by rental houses globally for its unparalleled features in the space.”

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