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ROE Visual for South Korean XR stage by NP studio

Intending to deliver new and different experiences, NP studio recently launched its XR stage. Partnering with ARK Ventures Inc. and ROE Visual, NP studio aims to provide a content studio that provides an immersive production environment that meets their customers' high expectations.

Based in South Korea, NP studio is dedicated to creating optimal brand experience solutions for its client base. With digital content production as its core, high‐quality content creation is paramount for NP studio, based on bold imagination, and clear focus.

The ROE Visual LED screens for NP studio were delivered through ARK Venture.

The ARK Venture is active in fixed installation and virtualproduction and has worked with ROE Visual in many projects. The choice for ROE Visual was obvious.

The main LED wall for the XR stage is composed of Black Pearl BP2, which offers outstanding in‐camera results through its high frame rate and refresh rate. The LED floor is composed of Black Marble BM4.

Measuring 24 by 6 meters, the complete XR stage offers the perfect solution for hosting presentations, product launches, shooting music videos, or stream concerts. Creating an immersive, virtual world, the possibilities of using an XR stage are almost limitless.

"Working in close cooperation with NP Studio was a realpleasure. We look forward to seeing some excellent performances comingfrom NP studio's XR stage and to see the visuals displayed on our LED panels." States Grace Kuo, ROE Visual Sales Director.

"It was great to work together on this project," comments David, director of ARK Ventures Inc. South Korea. "The collaboration was enjoyable throughout the complete project. We hope our joint efforts will result in delivering more impressive projects to delight audiences".

Products used:

· Black Pearl BP2

· Black Marble BM4

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