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ROE Visual adds Virtual Production Expertise to team

ROE Visual announces the appointment of Olaf Sperwer to engage with the broadcast‐ and film industry regarding virtual production‐orientated projects. By bringing this seasoned broadcast expert on board, ROE Visual is now able to actively support and promote its technology‐based solutions for this market, proof of its commitment to this market. Based on his extensive experience within the film‐ and broadcast industry, Olaf is apt at explaining and visualizing complex technology to creative teams, translating the advantages of using these in broadcast‐ and film productions. In his previous roles as Executive Producer, VFX post‐production, and Head of Virtual Production, Olaf excelled at channeling information between the creative team, technical crew, and producers.

“My drive is to implement next‐ generation technology to optimize the creative process and possibilities it enables in the production process, and to play a pivotal role in the transformation towards economic and modern production techniques, says Olaf. “I can’t wait to start the conversation with creatives and producers to tailor fitting solutions. Based on my previous experiences, I’m convinced ROE Visual offers the best quality on the market, presenting alternatives for chroma‐key production that will provide revolutionary changes in how we look at post‐production. I see great potential for new immersive show formats, new real‐time workflows, and possibilities to shorten the production process and overall costs. It’s thrilling to be part of the ROE EU team and to take on the challenge of supporting our clients in this transformation.

“We are excited to have Olaf on board,” comments Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director of ROE Visual Europe. “He brings a wealth of film‐ and broadcast‐orientated expertise and in‐depth insights into the requirements for broadcast‐based users from his years in the industry. Not only is Olaf a very likable person, but he also brings in unique and valuable knowledge of the broadcast industry and shares our client and product philosophy.”


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