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Robe walks on the Moon with ESPRITES

The Moon Palace is the biggest and busiest hotel and conference centre complex on Mexico’s sought‐after eastern coast Riviera Maya region, just south of Cancun.

Armando Manjarrez is the technical director of Quantum, Palace Productions’ technical services enterprise that supplies and co‐ ordinates all technical requirements – lighting, audio, and video – across the Moon Palace complex. Quantum owns substantial amounts of lighting, audio and video kit, and has several types of Robe moving lights in the inventory, the most recent purchase being 24 x ESPRITES, with two RoboSpot systems and FORTE Follow Spots on their way.

Armando had been watching Robe since 2016, when he first encountered the brand at the LDI expo in Las Vegas, and their first purchases were made in 2019 with 18 x Pointes and 10 Spiider LED wash beams.

Armando keeps his finger on the pulse regarding any new and emerging technologies and trends, something that is essential with so many different venues and events to manage week‐to‐ week. Before he committed to the ESPRITES, Armando consulted top level Mexican lighting designers with whom he is regularly in touch, including Pablo Gutierrez, well known for his work with both domestic and international music artists and touring shows, and also Eduardo “Toto” Lopez. Both influencers reinforced his thinking that Robe would be a choice. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate all the products in front of them with the ESPRITE performing “exceptionally well – all its integrated theatrical tools were very much appreciated.” So, the decision was made.

The ESPRITES were delivered by Robe’s Mexican distributor Showco and are now in use across all the Moon Palace’s different venues.

Manuel Bautista heads the lighting department and will typically light 80% of them with Armando imagineering the other 20%. This is a scenario that enables Moon Palace clients to benefit from the very highest production values as Armando’s team is both talented and very well acquainted with the equipment and the venue spaces. Manuel and his colleague Salvador Cutiz work alongside 12 dedicated technicians who also program and run lights, and mostly things are so busy that all of them will be simultaneously in action on different shows and events. Primarily they utilise MA consoles for site wide lighting control together with MA visualisation, however there is also a Road Hog Full Boar in residence for those preferring an alternative.

Photo © Louise Stickland


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