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Robe T1 Profile luminaires make Capitole in Ghent

Robe T1 Profile LED luminaires have been installed at the 1700 capacity Capitole Theatre in Ghent, Belgium, where they are deployed on the front lighting bridge for key lighting and specials, replacing the previous tungsten fixtures. The T1 Profile investment was part of a drive to update the remaining elements of the house lighting system to LED, making it better, more contemporary and more sustainable.

The T1 Profile purchase was overseen by the venue’s technical manager Rui Pinto who takes a distinctly no‐ nonsense approach to technical production.

After discussions with Bart Weyts from rental specialist L&L Stage Services, the venue’s regular technical partner, Rui assessed the various suitable options available for front / key lighting replacement, contacted a selection of manufacturers and evaluated his choices.

The T1 Profile popped up many times. He was recommended it by other professionals and as he researched the fixtures, liked what he heard, then saw them in action on site at a demo set up by Benelux distributor, Controllux. After that, he placed the order. “Colour mixing was the first of many features that impressed me,” stated Rui with characteristic enthusiasm. “The colour of the lamp itself is perfect for front lighting.”

He is delighted with the T1 Profiles which are now used for 95% of the shows happening at the Capitole. The fixture is also “great” for producing a range of effects and ideal for when the auditorium is being used for parties and other events. Recently for Bose, the T1 Profiles were used to create light pathways and backgrounds.

Part of the Sportpaleis Group, the Capitole Ghent – which has a distinctive neoclassical façade and originally opened in 1932 as one of the largest cinema halls in Belgium – stages a mix of live shows, from leading bands and music artists to dance, ballet, theatrical and musical productions. A normal (i.e., non‐Covid) month will see between 12 and 25 productions onstage, so it’s a busy environment.

Some shows use the 200 plus house lighting fixtures which are controlled by an MA dot2 console. Others will use that together with elements of their own production, and some will bring in their full production rigs. Many of them are in and out in a day.

Photo © Capitole Theatre

A series of different house production packages offer a variety of options within that, but the FOH lighting bridge is included in all of them, so it was essential to have reliable fixtures.

“I know Robe is reliable,” said Rui, who has been in the technical manager role at the Capitole for 6 years. Before that he worked as a PM for concerts, tours, music shows and festivals, and it was there he first appreciated the increasing popularity of Robe as it appeared on specs and lighting plots. “There was a general level of chatter in our community about the T1 series right from the start, people were saying good things,” he confirmed.

“In addition to that, I also know I’d get great service and backup from Controllux,” he stated.

The T1 purchase completed the venue’s conversion to LED stage lighting, so more reduction in running costs and maintenance is an added benefit to the self‐funded venture that must be commercially viable.

Like everyone, Rui and his team are looking forward to moving into the post‐pandemic phase and re‐starting regular shows.


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