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Robe iFORTE® LTX WB - Robe reliability in all weathers

Are you looking for the ultimate long throw, high output, all‐environment LED WashBeam for true, stadium‐level reach capable of outperforming all others? You have only one choice – The Robe iFORTE® LTX WB!

Redefining the boundaries of output, optical excellence, and performance while retaining all the subtleties

of theatrical precision, the iSERIES IP65‐rated Robe iFORTE® LTX WB is truly the next‐generation unrivalled WashBeam luminaire for live concert touring, indoors or out!

Robe’s latest,most powerful, internally designed, developed, patented and manufactured iSE‐TE™ 1.000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65‐rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE produces an incredible, industry leading 355.000 lx at 5 m. The iFORTE® LTX WB will never be wanting in terms of reach and impact!

Data capturing TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology offers all the advantages of field exchange, cost‐effective replacement, and the ability to keep up with LED development to ensure exceptionally long fixture life. With typical lumen maintenance of L70/B50 50.000 hours, the 4‐year 20.000‐hour warranty gives peace of mind, whatever the weather.

iFORTE® LTX WB creates an imposing visual statement with its domineering, solid beam from the 245mm front lens. With innovative optics to attain absolute WashBeam functionality, the fixtures contain three zoom modes.

iFORTE® LTX WB adds up to a comprehensive single package of versatile high output LED WashBeam and long throw Follow spot, specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. iFORTE® LTX ‐ Robe reliability in all weathers.


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