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A new Profile LED automated luminaire with a fast‐change, low‐cost, transferable light engine

Make outdoor lighting complications and stress a thing of the past! Our no‐ compromise, self‐maintaining, revolutionary iESPRITE® delivers consistent, hassle‐free performance without complex maintenance procedures, whatever the weather

or atmospheric conditions.

The IP65‐rated version of one Robe’s most popular products, the iESPRITE®, delivers consistent, hassle‐free performance without needing complex maintenance whatever the weather or atmospheric conditions!

This and all other Robe iSeries fixtures dramatically reduce the stress and complications associated with outdoor lighting!

The IP65‐rated iESPRITE® combines Robe’s latest protection technology with the very in‐demand ESPRITE® product maintaining identical aesthetics, output and features enabling seamless integration between the two different models if desired!

The ingenious ingress protection system is specifically designed to facilitate standard maintenance and preparation procedures – e.g., TRANSFERABLE ENGINE exchange and gobo replacement – on site and without any additional tools.

To maintain a consistently high lumen output, water, dirt, dust, haze, and smoke are repelled from the front lens with Robe’s unique ParCoat™ hydrophobic, oleophobic‐resistant coating which allows easy cleaning / removal without scratching or damage.

For those requiring maintained network connectivity, we have Epass™ available as standard. Our REAP™ (Robe Ethernet Access Portal) allows access to fixture information and diagnostics over Ethernet Networks.

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