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Robe iBOLTTM A Force of the Future!

The iBOLTTM is a unique, innovative, hugely bright fixture that is the first real replacement for conventional 7K xenon searchlights on the market. With the same feature set as Robe’s groundbreaking and universally popular MegaPointe®, the iBOLT can be a beam, spot, wash and effects luminaire for stage and outdoor use. It has a beautiful – 300mm – large front lens and has been described as “a MegaPointe on super‐steroids!”

The LSW‐5™ white laser phosphor light source produces massively potent beams of light for optimum performance and reach, which are combined with the latest Searchlight and Skyflower technology plus extremely low power consumption, weight and compact size in this incredible fixture.

The iBOLT’s 300mm front lens has precision optics for creating high‐ definition beams which are adjustable via a 0.4° ‐ 8.5° zoom. SpektraBeam™ is a paradigm‐shifting patented effects engine for producing transformative lighting experiences and a CMY + Colour wheel with DataSwatch™ library unlocks a vast, near unlimited array of colours.

The complete iBOLT effects package includes gobo wheels, patented MLP™ stackable multi‐level prisms, and continuous PAN rotation.

ScanGuard™ is a patent‐pending continuous safety monitoring feature with auto‐cut to prevent direct source viewing, and to deal with the most challenging exterior environmental conditions, the fixture benefits from Robe’s patented POLAR+™, EMS™ and RAINS™ IP protection technologies.

iBOLT – A Force of the Future!

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