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Robe iBeam 350™

Bigger, bolder, brighter, and now weatherproof

Bigger, bolder, brighter, and now weatherproof! Robe’s highly successful LEDBeam 350™ has arrived in its wet weather gear to deliver punch and presence, creating even more fast‐ sweeping beams and gorgeous

washes outdoors.

Joining the Robe iSeries, the IP65‐rated iBeam 350™ retains all the qualities and features of its highly successful indoor brother, the LEDBeam 350™. Our groundbreaking, self‐managing, low‐ maintenance ingress protection technology allows outdoor use of this classic indoor wash fixture by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions. As with other fixtures in the iSeries they maintain an identical DMX map, similar footprint, and minimal weight difference the iBeam 350™ and LEDBeam 350™ can used within the same lighting rig! The onboard patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature and pressure control. This active monitoring system automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture, providing constant monitoring to ensure peak performance.

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