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Robe announces new Norwegian distributor

Robe announces Oslo‐based Prostage as its new exclusive distributor for Norway! Robe’s key account manager for Europe Michel Arntz stated, “Norway is an important market and in Prostage we have a strong and proactive partner to move our business forward to the next level and are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with the team there.”

Award‐winning Prostage AS was established in 2008 by CEO Gunnar Waldemar Naas with the main goal of offering quality and cost‐efficient professional lighting, sound, and stage products. A full‐time staff of 22 manage a highly streamlined operation including a large showroom, and expansive warehouse facilities incorporating a service centre, with a great reputation for excellence.

Prostage co‐owner Carl Tidemann says, “We are super‐excited to be working with Robe. We have watched the brand for some time and seen it become a market leader and a constant innovator over the last decade. We know there is a demand for all of Robe’s current product ranges in Norway and are confident that this is an excellent match!”


With several high‐profile industry brands already onboard, Prostage has a substantial product portfolio and works across all disciplines of the professional entertainment and leisure universe, working their excellent contacts with great enthusiasm and zest for the industry. Between 2013 – when Carl joined Prostage – and 2022, the turnover increased ten‐fold, and the company became established as a leading player in Norway. Prostage has also won an impressive seven prestigious Gazelle Business Awards – given to dynamically developing enterprises based on increased turnover and profitability – in the last 8 years! Carl sees Robe’s fully in‐house production facilities and ‘Made in the Czech Republic’ status as a huge advantage, and a fact that underlines the quality assurance and control of products that is also so valued at Prostage. He also is thrilled to be able to start taking customers to the Robe factory to see how everything is made, coupled with the investments in infrastructure, the local community and the people who are so critical to Robe’s smooth running and future thinking.

On top of that, they will enjoy the stunning surroundings of the Wallachia region of Moravia … which Norwegians will appreciate as they have a huge amount of their own raw beauty, dramatic scenery, and nature. Not forgetting the exchange of those famous Czech and Norwegian hospitalities, says Carl with a smile and a nod!

“We are aligned with Robe’s values on multiple levels, and striving to be the best, we see so many opportunities for to get the brand the recognition it deserves in Norway.”

While the Prostage team are excited about all the current Robe products, Carl does single out the iSeries products as particularly interesting for a region that experiences extreme cold temperatures and scenarios in winter. He thinks it is a genius move to manufacture near identical IP rated and standard fixtures in each of these ranges, and he also thinks that Robe’s TRANSFERABLE ENGINE LED technology will be a big hit in the sustainability‐ conscious nation.


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