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Qvision selects Claypaky lighting fixtures forlive broadcast of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 Draw

When Qatar Vision Company (Qvision) staged the live broadcast of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 Draw on April 27 a large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures were on hand to illuminate the event venue, the Katara Opera House in Doha. Claypaky Scenius Unico, Sharpy Plus, Hepikos and A.leda B‐EYE K20 CC moving heads were deployed for the draw, which determined the match ups for the teams participating in the 2021 Arab Cup to be held in December.

Qvision, an event management and creative multimedia production company, produced and event managed the draw, which was held under strict COVID‐19 protocols, including a completely closed production bubble. Qvision was responsible for the stage set, rigging, lighting, audio, video, and visual and motion graphics content at the opera house.

Qvision also supplied the complete technical, operations and logistics manpower required to deliver the event. The proscenium stage was outfitted with a 117 square‐meter, 2.9mm high‐resolution LED videowall backdrop with an additional 70 square meters of 2.9mm LEDs left and right to display animated motion graphics and broadcast the live feed.

An array of Claypaky fixtures lit the dynamic set. Lighting Designers Mohammad Assaf and Mark Anton chose 20 Scenius Unico moving heads to illuminate the draw pots plus the conductor and speech lecterns citing the need for the fixtures’ precise framing system. Forty A.leda B‐EYE K20 CC moving heads washed the entire stage to meet the show’s broadcast requirements.

In addition, 40 Sharpy Plus and 20 Hepikos moving heads created dramatic beams and patterns to

energize and engage the audience during the show.

“Claypaky has a wealth of products suitable for any kind of lighting show whether it’s a large‐ scale stadium show or ceremony, corporate event or launch, small event or wedding ‐ Claypaky has everything you need,” concludes Hashisho, Qatar who served as Executive Producer/ Artistic Director of the shows.

“Claypaky fixtures are very reliable products when it comes to show business. Working with products that will not fail during a show was an important factor in our selection,” he points out. “In addition, Claypaky has the brightest lights available in the market, so for stadium shows like these nothing could beat Claypaky products.”

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