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Proteus Excalibur and Proteus Maximus shape the look and feel of Wacken Open Air

As many know, real Wacken fans don't let the weather stop them. It's not for nothing that ‘rain or shine’ is the rallying cry of party‐ loving metal fans who travel to northern Germany from all corners of the world for Wacken Open Air (WOA). Lighting designer Jerry Appelt, who has been associated with the massive metal festival for 20 years, has also experienced a lot in Wacken.

“I am emotionally attached to the festival,” he said, adding, “It was remarkable how

the organizers dealt with the very difficult situation this year.” Lighting designer Jerry Appelt, who has been associated with the massive metal festival for 20 years, has also experienced a lot in Wacken. “I am emotionally attached to the festival,” he said, adding, “It was remarkable how the organizers dealt with the very difficult situation this year.” More than ever, Elation‘s leading Proteus series of weatherproof lights showed its advantages under such adverse weather conditions with 72 Proteus Maximus and 48 Proteus Excalibur an integral part of the lighting design.


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