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PROLIGHTS DeltaPix LED screens debuted in Portugal

PROLIGHTS DeltaPix 29B, a 2.9 mm indoor rental LED screen, has had its debut in Portugal, with rental specialist BragaEventos purchasing the screen. The Italian manufacturer released these new series at the end of 2020, to complement its range of LED screens with a rental‐friendly solution and a good return‐on‐investment. The 29B range have the latest generation of Novastar A5s receiver cards with a refresh rate up to 3,840Hz, an SMD1515 LED source and a high contrast range. Besides being flicker free and high‐definition, these series were made for the most demanding events and touring applications, with an intelligent back‐up power system and easy assembly. For Paulo Dinis, CEO of BragaEventos, purchasing these screens was a no‐brainer: “We were looking for a reliable screen that could be supported by a team in Europe and that we could cross‐rental with other companies,” said Dinis, adding: “PROLIGHTS has a very knowledgeable team in Italy and are able to not only support us but will carry spare parts for a very long time and are able to calibrate the panels to the batch we have should we expand our fleet in the future”. Rui Nunes, CEO of SLS and PROLIGHTS' exclusive distributor in the region, said: “PROLIGHTS' LED screens are hugely popular in Portugal, precisely because of the after‐sales support they offer. Buying LED screens is not a difficult endeavor for most companies, the biggest issue is customer service and matching panels over time. PROLIGHTS has a different approach than most manufacturers, and our success with their range in Portugal is the testimony of their technical support and care.

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