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Prolights Astra Wash7Pix IP

Prolights has introduced the Astra Wash7Pix IP, a new IP‐rated moving‐wash that contains 7 x RGBW 40‐Watt LED emitters, outputti ng upwards of 4,000 lumens,with a default 8,000K cool‐ white beam or 6,000K in studio mode. The fixture includes the same proprietary front lens and glass lighting rods as the indoor version and protected with a coating technology that helps increase the brightness, protecting lenses from surface scratches and adding anti‐static properties to avoid dust deposits. The Astra Wash7Pix IP has a rugged and completely sealed chassis made of aluminium alloy, with internal components treated with an IP coating, guaranteeing an IP65 water and dust‐tight design for lasting outdoor applications. This fixture also includes a zoom range from 4º to 56º, enabling designers to create very narrow beam effects and wide wash spreads. Its augmented pixel performance supports individual pixel control through DMX or ethernet‐based protocols, or with the built‐in pixel macros, personalized by the user.


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