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Premier Virtual Production Solutions From AOTO Electronics

Since the emergency of the green screen in the early 1930s, there has been a steady stream of technological innovation on film and TV sets, including the Dunning Method and the Sodium Screen Process. But nowadays, virtual production is here to revolutionize filmmaking. With the rapid development of small‐pitch LEDs and their increased use in a wider variety of applications, and film and television making are entering in a new era.

XR combines a high‐performance LED screen, simultaneous capture, and real‐time rendering with camera tracking. It allows for the creation of highly realistic content without further post‐production.As a market leader in direct‐view LED (dvLED) displays, AOTO is proud to deliver exceptional on‐camera visual performance for virtual production (XR) and film studios. The premium LED products (wall/floor/ceiling) replace the traditional green screen, allowing for quick content iteration, creating immersive and dynamic shooting scene. They combine perfectly with camera motion tracking to ensure accurate capture and make creativity infinite.

AOTO XR LED Solution is better capable of presenting reliable performance and quality content to the cameras, vividly simulate and mirror various real‐time environments for different scenes, enable to construct a XR stage provides a dynamic virtual space for all types of creative expression. The physical and digital worlds are perfectly connected, shoot music videos, DJ set, or simply fly into outer space, and the ‘real’ has evolved.

Our team has delivered a couple of XR studios together with our partners in the UK and USA. We want to work with clients to achieve the highest potential of XR, push the tech to the limit and perform on the bleeding edge.

THE BENEFITS TO BRINGING VIRTUAL PRODUCTION TO ASET Rapid scene switching and real‐time composite preview The LED virtual stage can assist producers in quickly creating and switching virtual scenes, while also modifying and adjusting the scene content in real time and without the need to adhere to strict time limits. You can now review the shot immediately. No more waiting. It significantly enhances the efficiency of production and saves an inordinate amount of time in post‐production.

Providing of greater creative possibility

When a virtual set is created by combining a massive LED volume and a 3D engine, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. Virtual production enables more to be achieved in one location ‐ not only can backgrounds be changed and edited, You can make in‐the‐ moment adjustments to the production, such as altering the time of day or weather, reshooting from any angle, or even turning a linear ad into an interactive experience. Real‐world constraints can be bypassed so that it becomes feasible to create shots that would be impossible in the real world – you can literally change the angle of the sun if necessary.

Give performer a fully immersive experience

It is possible for performers to engage with these digitally‐created environments, and physical objects appear realistically in the virtual environment as well. Using of camera tracking technology, the emphasis and perspective of the environment change as people move around the room while we capture it.

It makes the entire experience more engaging and realistic for both the actors and the audience, while also allowing for extraordinary flexibility in the moment, and therefore better results for everyone involved.

Substantially reduces costs of time and money

For big production, reshoots and post‐production can account 10‐ 30% of production costs. Virtual sets save on travel, transport, location while also reduce risk. Post‐ production compositing and rot scoping are also minimalized. Any assets developed in virtual production can be reused in the manufacturing of fresh epoxides, allowing for even greater cost savings.


Medium and large‐scale LED virtual studio

  • Suitable for film and television, TVC, variety show shooting, etc.

  • Medium‐sized LED virtual studio with an area of 100m²‐1000m², mostly around 500m², with a background height of 10m‐15m or so.

  • Large‐scale LED virtual studio with an area of more than1000m², with a background height of more than 15m.

Small LED virtual studio

  • Suitable for live streaming, small‐scale program activities, etc.

  • Small LED virtual studios with an area is less than 100m² (such as 10m x 10m), and the background height is about 7m‐10m.


Mini LED Moiré Reduction technology

AOTO has applied for dozens of patents worldwide surrounding the development of Mini LED technology, which has resolved many problems presented by traditional SMD solutions. This giant leap forward can nearly eliminate the moiré effect, achieve display uniformity, extremely high robust, deliver much higher contrast, and provide a wider shooting angle of nearly 180°.

Superior color performance AOTO standard color gamut can accurately match the color gamut of the input source to deliver true and accurate restoration of natural colors from the industry’s leading camera technology. AOTO technology is compatible with Rec2020, Rec709 and DCI‐P3 standards.

24‐bit gray‐scale processing technology

AOTO reaches a 24‐bit gray‐scale processing technology delivering a true to life image quality with HDR experience. Better present the level and details of the image. Solve the matching degree of electro‐optical curve in HDR implementation. Improve the accuracy of point‐by‐ point correction, and the correction granularity is smaller. Improve the ability of low brightness and high gray

LED display full color control

The LED control system customizes the color (hue, saturation, brightness) and color gamut matching (DCI‐P3\BT2020) according to the 3D LUT of each shooting link device (LED color temperature lamp, dimming system, camera, etc.). Match the tone of the movie.

Shot matching technology

The LED control system provides high frame rate, high‐speed scanning and genlock functions centered on film and television shooting. 24HZ~240HZ, frame rate matching; High scan rate 1/6, high refresh rate 7680Hz, to avoid upgrading to shoot black stripes; GenLock and phase shift control to avoid flickering during shooting; The frame field signal of the display screen is synchronized with the camera shutter.

Pushing the boundaries of entertainment production, Xon Studios is one of South Korea’s leading virtual production and XR stage studios offering revolutionary creative solutions across film, broadcast, animation, VFX, motion design, and immersive entertainment. Xon Studios uses high‐performing AOTO LED screens and Brompton Tessera processing for its giant LED volume as well as the latest UE, disguise, and Mo‐Sys camera tracking to deliver its clients’ creative vision.

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