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PP Sound Light Productions expands inventory with systems from Sennheiser and d&b audiotechnik

Mumbai based sound, light and event technical solutions provider PP Sound Light Productions Pvt Ltd have recently expanded their inventory with the inclusion of world‐class gear from industry leaders Sennheiser and d&b audiotechnik. The new purchases join the company’s existing cache of impressive technologies which includes a comprehensive loudspeaker reserve featuring the T series line array system and Max 2 stage monitors from d&b Audiotechnik, a full‐format Venue S6L mixing console system from AVID, a comprehensive Axient digital wireless microphone system from Shure, and a plethora of microphones and wireless technologies from Shure as well as Sennheiser. These new purchases, according to the company, now puts them in a formidable position to capably commission a more diverse profile of events.

A whole new line‐up of the V Series line array modules along with the B22 high‐performance subwoofers from d&b audiotechnik joins PP Sound Light Productions’ existing loudspeaker inventory; with this purchase coming in as a direct response to the need for the company to reinforce their catalogue with gear that’s not only flexible and adaptable but also seamlessly compatible with their existing rig, thereby allowing for enhanced scalability value of their services.

Prasad Parkar, director of PP Sound Light Productions Pvt Ltd, informs, “From the day we started this company, we were clear that we would stock only world‐class equipment in our inventory. Our no‐compromise attitude is perhaps the key reason that prompted us to initially invest into a formidable setup of the T‐series line array system with B22 subs and Max2 stage monitors from d&b audiotechnik”, explaining that this initial investment turned out to be extremely effective as it had a direct positive impact on the shows that the company commissioned, which in‐turn resulted in us winning over a more diverse profile of events and clientele.

“With the steady increase of work since the relaxation of COVID restrictions, we kicked off the event season with all guns blazing, and eventually found ourselves swarmed with multiple inquiries. Our decision to purchase the d&b V series and additional units of the B22 subs was purely to help us ensure that we could meet the demand of the various different clients that insist on their events being commissioned only by our company!” he emphasizes.

Speaking about the technical capabilities and features of the d&b V series and B22 subwoofers that further reinforced Prasad’s purchase decision, he explains that the sophisticated design of the system coupled with its impressive power optimization and loudspeaker management capabilities proved to be the key deciding factors.

The purchase of the d&b Audiotechnik gear is complemented with the addition of a comprehensive infrastructure of the state‐of‐the‐art Digital 6000 wireless system from Sennheiser (which includes multiple wireless handheld transmitters, bodypacks, and Dante enabled digital wireless receivers) which joins the company’s existing microphone and wireless technologies inventory; plus a sparkling new 2000 series IEM system from Sennheiser (complete with variable output IEM transmitters and Adaptive Diversity Technology enabled receiver sets) which adds to the company’s existing onstage / artist monitoring service capabilities.

According to Prem Bhoir, CEO of PP Sound Lights Productions, the inclusion of the Sennheiser Digital 6000 wireless system and the 2000 series IEM system has now empowered the company to efficiently reinforce multiple music gigs simultaneously – a facet that’s become more of a necessity for the company since the past few months.

“Since the event market opened up in late 2021, we’ve been fortunate to commission several events that have hosted some of the most reputed names in music like Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, KK, Stebin Ben, Jasleen Royal, and many more. These are world‐class performers who demand and deserve nothing less than the very best – and for such events, it becomes extremely crucial for us to deploy nothing less than world‐class wireless microphone and IEM systems. We are extremely proud that these notable artists have praised us for not just the quality of our technical service but also the equipment that we provide – with several of the artists emphasizing that they look forward to working the next gig with us. With the inclusion of the Sennheiser Digital 6000 system and the 2000 series IEM system, we’re now in a strong position to efficiently serve the needs of such world class artists across multiple events at the same time”

Prem praises the Digital 6000 wireless system for the level of versatility that it offers, while also commending the robustness and reliability factor of the 2000 series IEM system. According to him, these comprised the main reasons that prompted the company to invest into the respective systems. “The intermodulation‐free HF technology of the Sennheiser Digital 6000 makes it extremely reliable even in very narrow frequency ranges, whereas the Link Density mode offers a great deal of leeway with the capacity for 5 channels in 1 MHz bandwidth. These turn out to be extremely important especially in situations where you need to assure great sound quality and wide dynamic range even in if you’re in the middle of an extremely challenging RF scenario. On the other hand, the Adaptive Wireless Technology enabled 2000 series offers a great deal of artistic and technical freedom as it allows to choose from 26 frequency banks with upto 32 channels, while also offering three switchable RF output powers – thereby making extremely robust and reliable for the kind of demanding stage performances that we are known to commission!” exclaims Prem.

These purchases, however, aren’t the end of the line for PP Sound Light Productions’ plans for further investment and subsequent expansion, as both Prasad and Prem affirm their intent to add more world‐class gear to their sound inventory with the addition of a few more mixing consoles etc, while also enhancing their existing holding of lighting equipment. Prem informs, “With this year showing a steady increase in the number of live events across weddings, corporate, and music & entertainment applications; we intend to fortify our inventory with more world‐class gear that will help us to create bespoke experiences for our clients. We anticipate for there to be a steady increase in the demand for gigs like music festivals and large concerts in the months to come; and we are extremely keen to be a part of all that action. And to make sure this happens, we intend to further invest in key pieces of technologies like mixing consoles, wireless technologies, loudspeakers, and stage backline gear. Also crucial to our plan is further expanding on our lighting inventory, which already comprises multiple units of fixtures like washes, profiles, spots, strobes, blinders, LED par‐cans, LED battens, Pointy 17Rs etc. The idea is to add products and technologies that can work with our existing inventory in a variety of different permutations and combinations, and allow us to offer the same level of high‐quality service for events of all scales and types”


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