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Portman S-TRIBE

S‐TRIBE is a brand new product from Portman, with a new fresh design and many possibilities of combining the fixtures into larger sets. After last year's premiere of the Mantis luminaire, thisis another one that is fully based on powerful LED sources and has really interesting features as well. Similarly to Mantis, we can find here five strong main LED sources with tungsten emulation, which work in the 1600‐2900K range, i.e. exactly like a halogen. They are mounted at the bottom of the trapezoidal, high reflective reflector, which emphasizes the luminous effect. At low values, they emit warm, pleasant light, and when turned on to 100%, the light is very strong, blinding, and colder. Next to these sources, we also can find ten separated RGBW LED sources, which, thanks to their colours, can completely change the nature of the product and multiply the arrangement options.

There are several dimming curves for controlling the main sources. The light sources are operated with 16 bits, thanks to which the dimming and colour mixing is very smooth. There is also a strobe option. This means that the fixture in the highest mode has 97 DMX channels (the lowest has 12). Due to such a large number of channels, the manufacturer decided to add the option of Art‐Net control, apart from the standard DMX connector. The standard in Portman products is also RDM or W‐DMX‐ready socket.

The shape of the luminaire is irregular and allows it to be mounted into larger structures. You can build long lines, walls, curves, large figures, etc. The fixture can be hung on the truss from the top or from the back. You can also put it on the base attached to the set as well as connect them together and with various accessories using the fast Quick Joint System™ – without any screws.

The fixture is about 120 cm high and 15 cm wide. It looks even decorative and interesting on stage when placed on its own stands. However, joined by their long sides in various configurations, thanks to the trapezoidal lighting reflectors, they can actually create other curious, eye‐catching devices. For example, with only six devices, we can build a large hexagon with dimensions of about 2 by 3 meters.

As the fixture in these various bigger structures is constantly rotated, the manufacturer provided a special functionality – the Autor Orientation™, which enables automatic recognition of its orientation. If you play the effect on the luminaire from top to bottom and turn it upside down, the effect will still play from top to bottom. This is a significant simplification when programming them in larger structures.

The S‐TRIBE can be seen live at distributors’ showrooms, available now in over 50 countries.

S‐TRIBE, like other Portman models, has been made in Poland for six years. All of them are patented designs.


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