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Pitbull feels good with Robe on tour

Miami, Florida‐based lighting and creative director Yamil Charif who heads up design company YC3 delivered a high impact stage production for Pitbull’s recent and hugely popular, “I Feel Good” tour, with 32 shows across the US and 100 Robe moving lights – MegaPointes and BMFL WashBeams – as the backbone of the lighting rig.

BMFL™ WashBeam
BMFL™ WashBeam

The tour’s lighting, video and rigging vendor, LPS Production, had Robe fixtures in stock which Yamil was very happy to use. “Robe have been at the top of their game for the last few years and produced a steady stream of good and reliable products,” he commented.

He has worked frequently with Robe products, especially over the last five years, and certainly maximized the 66 x MegaPointes and 34 x BMFL WashBeams on the rig.

The BMFL WashBeams were used for all the key lighting and specials, while the MegaPointes – positioned in the overhead rig and on the floor – provided multiple effects, creating all the big, bold exciting looks and scenes that helped pump the atmos around Pitbull’s energetic and dynamic performance, always ensuring he remained the central focus.

“As the main fixtures of the lightshow, MegaPointes were chosen for their multifunctionality and scope as a creative tool,” confirmed Yamil.

The overhead MegaPointes were alternated with strobes that were also used for wash lighting. The stark

contrast between the two light sources added to the general depth and texture in a swirl razzmatazz and rawness, all achieved with an expedient number of lights.

The lighting and video programming team was led by Yamil’s brother Elian Charif together with Tomas Villanueva, who are both based in Argentina.

The LPS lighting Crew comprised master electrician Sam Deshauteurs and lighting techs Deniel Castañeda and Santiago Sharry; the video director was Carlos Rojas, the video techs were Julio Cesar, Alejandro Rojas and Eduardo Villanueva, and the camera operator was Luis Rodriguez. Manny Garcia was head rigger.

Photo © Yamil Charif


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