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Obsidian ONYX Version 4.6 - New ONYX Keys and partnership with AtlaBase

The next evolution of the popular ONYX lighting control platform introduces a vast variety of new features and improvements in the new software Version 4.6 for Obsidian Control Systems’ NX consoles and PC systems. ONYX 4.6 for NX consoles and PC, a new training show and CAPTURE file, plus an updated DyLOS content package with over 1000 items is available for download at

Hundreds of items have been added − some completely redesigned ‐ for easier navigation, better readability, or faster setup. Many features have been considerably expanded like the ArtNet and sACN configuration, which now also supports synchronization packages and priority setti ngs. A unique virtual control overlay allows PC users instant access to playback controls when needed without leaving the existing workspace, and a new playback swop icon takes advantage of the NX4’s motorized faders and playback button layout.

New ONYX Licenses

The compact USB Keys Essential (8 Universes), Premier (64 Universes) and Elite (128 Universes) allow PC users to process all DMX calculations, MIDI, Timecode and other I/O protocols right on their systems without the need for expensive external processing nodes. Additionally, NX USB devices and NETRON Nodes directly unlock ONYX Nova with up to four Universes of EtherDMX.

DyLOS Enhancements

Following its successful introduction, the DyLOS pixel composer has expanded its functionality with precise dynamic preset mapping, allowing any parameter to be animated by images, movies, or flexible pattern and curve generators. Through its positional awareness, DyLOS now allows incredibly complex movement, beam, color and intensity effects that are easy to create, providing a more natural visual workflow instead of abstract effects generators and tedious numerical formulas. DyLOS color mapping now also utilizes all additive fixture colors like Amber, White or UV, and dynamic controls allow for fine‐tuning for impressive subtle or colorful results.

AtlaBase Library Partnership Fixture library data is now provided by the experienced team at AtlaBase, offering over 54,000 unique profiles.

The ONYX library is updated daily with the latest fixture‐type data provided by all manufacturers. This proactive approach ensures that ONYX always contains the industry’s most complete library, removing the need for most fixture requests. AtlaBase brings precise real‐world values for many parameters, enhanced gobo images, and accurate CIE color data, which DyLOS utilizes for its color‐mapping calculations.

CITP Visualizer Connectivity

New bidirectional communication allows ONYX to interact with CITP‐ supported visualizers like the popular CAPTURE software. Fixture selection, patch import and export, fixture control, and remote focus are all synchronized in real time. ONYX offers a free CAPTURE presentation for learning and training purposes.

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