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NovaStar xR

xR: AR+VR+MR = virtual implantation + virtual scene + real subject + real scene. xR is based on MR green screen shooting, which realizes real‐time rendering of large‐screen content and real‐time shooting of biological subjects.

It is widely used in many fields such as film and television production, radio and television program production, product launch, advertising shooting, cultural tourism promotion, MV production and so on.

Let’s walk through the benefits from NovaStar xR solution.

Image Booster The true‐to‐life colors and image bit depth of HDR transform an LED screen into a realistic 3D background on camera, without compromise. The actual system includes camera, lens tracking system, simulation scene rendering system, LED screen, screen management system, centralized control system, synchronous clock system, and synthesis system.

xR revolutionizes the filming process through creation of a rendered background, synced to the filmmakers camera.

HDR10‐OPTIMA Create huge sets and worlds limited by imagination, not budget. LED screens offer consistent lighting, engaging environments on set, and streamline the lengthy post-production process. Low Latency Low‐latency, genlocked LED processing in combination with new camera tracking technology create a seamless virtual set that synchronizes perfectly with the action. 240Hz Can clearly display the quick movement usually found in sports videos, solving problems with sticking or stuttering images in fast moving scenes. This real‐time background allows both actor and director to be immersed in the scene during filming.

Frame Multiplication

From the relationship between camera exposure time and LED display frame rate, we can determine the proper combination of shutter angle and frame rate for the most optimal shooting result. Additionally, our receiving card supports frame multiplication, allowing for expansion of frame rate.

Phase‐Shift Migration

Controller can perform precise adjustment of phase offset at the nanosecond level. By pairing it with a camera, black seam lines can be eliminated.


NovaStar’s proprietary calibration technology performs point to point calibration of an LED display, improving brightness and color uniformity, allowing the best image possible.

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