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Norwood Productions expand with Absen NT

The saying "achieving overnight success after years of hard work" perfectly summarizes the journey of Chris Norwood, the visionary behind Norwood Productions, a Johannesburg‐based technical supplier. Over the years, he has poured his time, sweat, and unwavering determination into his endeavours and seeing his recent procurement of Absen NT2.9 LED panels via DWR Distribution is heartwarming. Furthermore, he has put in an order for the next Absen batch which will double his stock! Having enjoyed success with their existing Absen 2.9mm panels, it was an easy decision for Norwood Productions to invest in the NT2.9 range. DWR secured a large shipment of these units, further enabling investors to subhire and have access to supplementary panels as required. The Absen LED NT2.9 panels offer visual excellence, adaptability, and reliability. There is also peace of mind knowing that the DWR team, including individuals like Bruce Riley and Dylan Jones, are a phone call away when it comes to advice, repairs or technical support. "There's an immense demand in the market for LED," Chris Norwood shared. "These panels will enable us to expand our operations and serve events held in more sizable venues like convention centres, where we could host audiences ranging between 500 to 1 000 people." Marlene Riley of DWR Distribution is typically Chris's point of contact whenever there is a need for new equipment. "Engaging with Chris is always a delightful experience," Marlene confirms. "Since 2018, we've observed his enthusiasm and resolute approach in our industry. Thank you Chris once again."


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