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Nick Ho lights imagination for Trolls at Universal Studios Singapore with CHAUVET Professional

The world of imagination is indeed “boundless,” as the philosopher Rousseau observed. It is also a very happy place to be. Just ask the thousands of children of all ages, who are journeying into that world every day at Universal Studios’ Pantages Theatre in Singapore to see “Trolls: Hug Time Jubilee,” which debuted on September 15. Helping the Trolls cast of characters LX3 and four on LX4. For front washing, he relies on four of the Rogue R3X units. To create a completely immersive color‐ scape on the stage, he has four of the Rogue fixtures on T3 for floor washing. Included in this group are two units on back ring trusses.

The wide 12‐39 degree zoom range of the Rogue R3X Wash has helped Ho create varied looks, while adding to the dramatic effect of the production by changing coverage areas. Also, increasing the impact of the lighting was the fixture’s smooth 16‐bit dimming, which resulted in smooth fades. Another element lending an evocate quality of the production is the colorful backdrop made of PVC fabrications, featuring a forest garden scene.

Ho has added extra life to this beautiful panorama by up lighting scenic elements with 12 COLORdash Quad H12X IP units.

Drawing on the extensive color mixing prowess of this RGBAW + UV wash, he has been able to cover the forest backdrop in a range of soft hues, giving it a dreamy magicalquality that reflects the spirt of a show that is itself is driven by imagination!

come to life at Pantages is a dynamic and richly texture colorful lighting design by Nick Ho that features 44 CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including 32 Rogue R3X Washes.

Working with programmer Justin Poh, Ho deftly uses intense, focusedlight to enhance the vivid quality of the cast members (all of whom are dressed in character costumes), as well as the inflatable timecode‐triggered flowers that were positioned at the end of the stage. Ho hits the costumedcharacters and scenic elementswith light from all angles with his Rogue R3X Wash fixtures. He uses 18 of the RGBW washes as top lights, positioning four on the first truss, four on LX2, six on


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