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NEXO sound rules at ONE RULE,a sophisticated new bar complex in Taipei

There’s only one rule at ONE RULE – there are no rules! This new landmark, 10th floor bar complex in Taipei’s lively Xinyi District promises free‐spirited customers an indulgent experience ranging from drinks and snacks during the day to exquisite meals and cocktails after dark, with 180‐degree views of the Taipei skyline and interactive entertainment from a large light wall.

Every night, there’s non‐stop music from guest DJs and, in addition to sofa seats, there are also private VIP boxes that can accommodate up to 15 people, making ONE RULE a popular destination for special events and parties.


Great sound is central to the relaxed vibe at ONE RULE, so owners opted for a NEXO ePS Series system, designed and installed by New Taipei City‐based AV technology specialists Yili Engineering Co., Ltd.

Proudly manufactured in France, the ePS Series builds on NEXO’s industry‐ standard PS point‐ source platform to create a new, ‘no frills’, IP55‐rated loudspeaker range that makes legendary NEXO engineering and performance more accessible in cost‐ critical installations.

The ePS Series delivers NEXO’s trademark musical, high‐output, full range sound, with all the versatility that comes with precision coverage, variable HF directivity and a small but flexible range of universal mounting hardware. Four lightweight point source cabinets partner high‐excursion 6, 8, 10 and 12‐inch LF drivers respectively with a 1.4" diaphragm HF driver (ePS12/1.7"), with dedicated 12, 15 and 18‐inch subs available to extend LF performance.



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