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NEXO point source solution for traditional church in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a large Catholic church has solved its acoustic challenges with an elegant NEXO point source sound reinforcement system, installed by Bao Duong. Located in the Dong Nai province, Vuon

Ngo is a large traditional house of worship, capable of accommodating a 1200-person congregation. Its beautiful vaulted wooden ceiling rises high above that congregation, creating problems with reverberation that add up to 4-5 seconds of decay. Its previous audio system was unable to reproduce speech with any clarity, and also struggled to relay the sound of the choir.

Because of the classical architecture, installation company Bao Duong was unable to propose a line array solution, instead preferring to use NEXO’s PS Series of compact point source speakers. 6x PS8 8” cabinets have been wall-mounted alongside the pews down the length of the nave, with another 4x cabinets in the chancel area, where they also provide monitoring for the choir, supplemented by two of the larger PS10 models. The whole system is powered by just two NXAMP controller / amplifiers, NXAMP4x1Mk2 and NXAMP4x2Mk2.

Additionally, Bao Duong has upgraded the church’s microphone inventory, providing Sennheiser MK4s for the choir and E945s for pulpit and other speech positions. “This system has precisely met the Church’s requirements,” says Tu Pham, audio engineer for Bao Duong, “the choral singing is perfectly amplified, and all speech in the church is crystal clear.”

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