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New style for Robe PAINTES

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Johannesburg, South Africa‐based rental and production company Sound Stylists has invested in 24 Robe PAINTE moving lights, the first part of an order that has been delivered via South African Distributor DWR, with more to follow soon.

The new moving lights join around 300 other Robe luminaires in the Sound Stylists inventory and will be used on their diverse mix of corporate shows and events, for which the company is known for delivering slick, streamlined and as the name implies – stylish – productions.

Owner and founder Kevin Glover explained that they are in the process of consolidating and rationalising the lighting kit as work has steadily returned after the pandemic. They specifically wanted a compact LED fixture with shutters, and “something bright, reliable and with plenty of features to service indoor venues with a headroom of around 6 or 7 metres,” … a size and level that constitutes a lot of their work. PAINTE ticked all the boxes and is also a “desirable and frequently requested” cross rental item elucidated Kevin, highlighting another area of their business.

They have also enjoyed a long history with Robe, purchasing the original ColorSpot and ColorWash 575 units when DWR became the distributor in 2006 … which, approximately 16 years later, are still working and occasionally used.

“We know from experience that Robe fixtures offer fantastic longevity, great value for money and ROI,” Kevin confirmed, all reasons underlining the decision to go with brand new PAINTES. He also mentions the need for solid backup and after‐sales service which is assured when working with DWR. “It’s absolutely second to none! Not that I am expecting any issue with the Robe kit, but if there is, DWR are on it immediately to help or provide a solution!” He thinks Robe’s personal approach is impressive, commenting that both CEO Josef Valchar and key account manager Harry von den Stemmen have visited SA regularly over the years, “and made great effort to get to know myself and the team personally, which means A LOT.”

Key members of the Sound Stylists lighting team were involved in choosing the PAINTES. They all liked the small size and the large feature set, which includes the versatile TE™ 310W White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE lightsource. Robe’s TE technology enables the LED engine to be replaced or swapped for a different type of light source, a feature developed to boost the longevity of a whole series of Robe hardware and offer rental companies THE most flexible options for their fleets.

As PAINTE is part of a family of TE based fixtures, Kevin also sees “a road map ahead” from Robe allowing for the expansion of their capabilities with ESPRITE and FORTE. Of particular interest for the larger outdoor shows are the IP65 products iFORTE and iESPRITE “which we will be factoring into next year’s planning,” he concluded.

DWR’s Duncan Riley comments, “Kevin has been a fantastic and loyal customer over the years and built a great reputation for excellence. As with everyone, it’s brilliant to see Sound Stylists bouncing back strongly and with plenty of work again!”

Photo © DWR


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