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MOTO STAGE XR opening ceremony in Shanghai in partnership with Brompton Technology

Left to right: Ka-Ming Li (Brompton Product Application Engineer), Phil Cui (MOTO Founder), Summer Zhang (Account Manager at Brompton), Kenny Mai (Brompton Senior Field Applications Engineer)

Part of the Aochi Production Resource Platform, MOTO GROUP is one of China’s largest commercial advertising resource platforms. It has offices and service teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Vancouver, as well as three large‐scale production studios and a Fortune 500 clientelle and has recently announced its first MOTO STAGE XR in Shanghai. Brompton Technology is one of the partners that has invested its technology and technical expertise into developing this new cutti ng‐edge facility.

“The opening ceremony offered us a perfect platform to re‐connect with our clients and offer them the opportunity to experience the power and multitude of creative possibilities of XR technology,” says MOTO Founder, Phil Cui. “We also had the Brompton Technology team and other key partners participating in an open discussion about the future of XR and the effect of this reality‐blending technology on the creative industry.” Exploring the full spectrum of creative possibilities of extended reality, immersive scenes could be created within the dynamic environment, with different camera depths of field shaping vast starry skies, the mysterious deep sea, and an ambiguous world. “The experimental performance brought by XR visual effects technology subverts cognition and interacts with the world across different dimensions, which is incredible!” adds Cui.

MOTO STAGE XR comprises a large 14m x 4.4m LED volume made up of INFiLED DB2.6 S8 panels and driven by Brompton Tessera SX40 4K LED processors. A trackable camera for real‐time rendering is used to achieve extremely realistic scenes in the studio, as well as dynamic capture and content interaction, which all make one of the most cutti ng‐edge film‐level virtual production technologies to be found in the field of XR production.

logy on the creative industry.”

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