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MLS makes massive Robe ESPRITE investment

Magic Light + Sound GmbH (MLS), one of Germany‘s leading lighting rental companies, has invested in 88 x Robe ESPRITES to facilitate its ongoing work in the television lighting sector. After an initial dip in March 2020, business has now re‐ built. “Like everyone, immediately the pandemic hit and everything slowed down,” explained co‐CEO Marco Pütz, “but after a few months, the pace picked up again, so we re‐scaled to suit the new circumstances and have now fully re‐opened.” Marco’s grandfather Heinz Pütz originally founded the company in 1961 to service the burgeoning film industry in and around Cologne. Marco is now a co‐ CEO together with Thomas Hessling.

Once things stabilized and were rolling again, Marco and Thomas saw this time as a fantastic opportunity to invest in some of Robe’s latest LED moving light technology. They wanted something new to boost their already substantial 3000 strong moving light inventory, and it had to be an LED source. For these, the ESPRITE was chosen. “It is properly versatile and multifunctional,” commented Marco, “one ESPRITE can do the work of three different devices – effects, general illumination and key lighting – and that ticked a lot of boxes,” he stated. The ESPRITE was also the first to feature Robe’s new TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology, meaning that the LED light engine can be replaced which is a big bonus from any rental company perspective.

“We wanted a new fixture with lots of features,” commented Thomas, adding that the ESPRITE’s light weight was also a selling point, but most importantly, thanks to MLS’s history with Robe products, they knew they could trust the technology during a time when making the right investment is particularly critical.

With budgets being tighter than ever in this Covid era, it is even more important to have a product that can be maximized, and the ESPRITE, which has also become hugely popular for lighting streamed, XR and AR projects during this time, is proving a solid choice.

MLS’s ESPRITES have hardly been in the warehouse since they were delivered in May of this year by Robe Germany!
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