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Main Light invests in grandMA3 to meet increased demand for the latest in MA Lighting control

Main Light, which has been providing dry hire lighting rentals to the entertainment industry since 1981, has upgraded its lighting console inventory with the purchase of a significant quantity of grandMA3 full‐size and light consoles from ACT Entertainment, the exclusive distributor of MA Lighting products in North America. “It’s exciting to see Main Light’s console inventory grow with MA Lighting’s latest products,” says Doug Mekanik, Director of Sales at ACT Entertainment. “We’ve been supporting Main Light’s purchases for many years and are happy to continue that support with the new grandMA3 line.”

Main Light has offices in Las Vegas, Wilmington, and Delaware and has provided customers with grandMA systems since the original models.

“We’ve seen the demand for grandMA3 and decided to make the move to the new platform,” says Main Light General Manager Randy Mullican. “We like the grandMA3’s additional screen sizes and parameter buttons. We invested in both full‐size and light platforms since some touring productions prefer the light model; we also acquired a significant inventory of grandMA3 processing units.”

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with ACT over the years,” notes Mullican. “Doug, Ryan (Hindinger) and Ben (Saltzman) are always there for us and keep us up to date with what’s new.”

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