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Lucenti PixiDrive Pro 8 - 1 day of patching, programming and configuration reduced to 1 hour

SCREENIT EXPANDS BLACKWAVE SETUP WITH PRE‐ORDER OF 8 NEW CONTROLLERS The pre‐launch presentation of the PixlDrive Pro 8 from Lucenti is so packed with unparalleled and never seen before features that it resulted in an immediate order from Tom Pardon’s renowned AV rental company Screenit. For the past years Tom Pardon and his crew have been creating and installing eye‐catching lighting setups with over 1.000 Blackwave LED bars in the Kara Savi stage on TML, Amelie LensAll Night Long events and Exhale live‐streams.

The advanced technology that puts these controllers ahead of every other alternative on the market is created by KLSTR and natively integrated into the device. We are convinced KLSTR will revolutionise the lighting industry and we are proud to be the first manufacturer that is pushing this cutti ng edge technology to market.

Tom Pardon “We are very excited to start using this technology, it is a huge leap forward in the implementation of pixel control and our video setups in lighting design. It will simplify the installation process, save us time, reduce human error and it will enable even more creative possibilities.”

Those who want to experience the power and potential that is packed into this soon to be launched powerhouse, are invited to visit their showcase setup in Boom Belgium before 2nd of August.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-03-30 at 9.25.05 AM.jpeg
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