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Lightswitch and Upstaging chooses Elation lighting to adorn Hawaii’s Lāna‘i Ocean Theater

In a harmonious blend of cultural reverence, sustainability and modern entertainment, the Lāna‘i Ocean Theater has emerged as a spectacular amphitheater on the the sixth‐largest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago. This visionary project stands proudly within the lush grounds of the Four Seasons Resort Lāna‘i, overlooking the serene Hulopo'e Bay, and employs IP‐rated Proteus Lucius and Arena Zoom Q7IP luminaires from Elation.

Land and resource management company Pulama Lāna‘i partnered with visual design practice Lightswitch and event production company Upstaging to create a space that not only meets the highest standards but also respects the island's natural environment.

Lighting design was spearheaded by John Featherstone, Principal at Lightswitch, with Ryan Breneisen of Upstaging serving as a project manager and technical director. Upstaging supplied the lighting for the project and executed the installation. Working with Featherstone to develop a production design, Ryan Breneisen was intimately involved in every aspect of the entertainment portion of the space and specified all the gear on the lighting, power and staging side. He emphasized the meticulous selection process for the lighting fixtures, stating, “We wanted to use one main lighting fixture for the venue and design everything around it. That fixture needed to be outdoor rated with good color mixing, gobo options and include framing shutters. It also needed to be flexible and powerful enough to work on stage and at the FoH position at a 127 ft throw.”

The venue utilizes IP‐rated Proteus Lucius and Arena Zoom Q7IP luminaires as central lighting fixtures in a unique and adaptable festival‐style system for the multi‐use venue space. The Lucius are positioned on 30‐ft tall custom torm towers that carry the Lucius inside, six fixtures per tower. Two additional towers with Lucius are positioned at FoH with more Lucius fixtures working from floor positions.


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