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Lighting Designer Alex Berry deploys massive Martin Professional rig at Bucharest National Arena

To provide the International 2021 Dota 2 World Championship with a dazzling visual display and premium broadcast lighting, Lighting Designer Alex Berry partnered with Christie Lites and THiNC Worldwide to deploy a complex Martin by HARMAN lighting rig, including state‐ of‐the‐art Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from the previous plan to the event’s new venue, The International’s longtime lighting designer Alex worked closely with Christie Lites and THiNC Worldwide to design and deploy a massive lighting rig that would not only deliver eye‐catching visual designs and concert‐inspired effects sequences, but also provide adequate broadcast lighting in a challenging daylight situation. To overcome these challenges, Berry opted to build the rig around brand‐new Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures for their unmatched brightness and versatile effect beams.

The move from Stockholm’s indoor Avicii Arena to Bucharest’s outdoor National Stadium presented certain challenges to the production. The lack of overhead rigging options forced Berry and the THiNC team to deploy key fixtures in the highest points of the stadium’s seating areas, resulting in an unusually long throw distance of 100 meters. The lack of an overhead roof also meant that Berry’s lighting rig would have to compete with natural sunlight.

“For indoor shows, we usually need the lights to operate in the 80 foot‐candle range,” Berry explained. “Since we were in a daylight situation, I needed to provide lighting in the 250 to 300 foot‐ candle range. Because we were in an outdoor stadium, there weren’t a lot of options for rigging lights overhead. We ended up with two rows of arches in the very top of the 300‐level seating with a 100‐meter throw to the stage. Luckily, the MAC Ultra Performance is unbelievably bright and handled the throw distance beautifully. With a throw distance that long in a daylight situation, there’s no way we could have gotten the brightness we needed with any other fixture. It was the savior of the day.” Being the first to use a new fixture can come with its own set of challenges, including supply issues.

Thanks to his longstanding relationship with iconic distributor Christie Lites, Berry was able to receive the needed quantity of MAC Ultra Performance fixtures in time for the show.


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