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Light artist Herman Kuijer celebrates Dutch national treasures with Elation

Photo © Rijksmuseum/Cris Langemeijer
Photo © Rijksmuseum/Cris Langemeijer

The new Collection Center of The Netherlands, or CC NL, is one of the most extraordinary repositories anywhere. Four different museums in The Netherlands, including the world‐renown Rijksmuseum, use the new facility as a storehouse for a large proportion of their collections. The art archive is celebrating with a piece of art of its own, a permanent light installation across multiple façades of the building created by light artist Herman Kuijer using Elation luminaires.

Photo © Rijksmuseum/Cris Langemeijer
Photo © Rijksmuseum/Cris Langemeijer

After various tests and demos on location at the CC NL facility, the project was realized using 28 Proteus Rayzor 760 moving heads, a 7,200‐lumen wash light housing seven 60W RGBW LEDs and 5‐ to 77‐degree zoom. The Elation lights were supplied via Output of Den Bosch (Netherlands) and installation was realized by Vidi‐Square from Zandhoven in Belgium.

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