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Ledman Super‐COB creates new highlights of China's V Valley

Ledman Super‐COB creates new highlights of

China's V Valley to present the beauty of the "culture + technology" combination

When it comes to Hunan province audio and video industry, reference to Malanshan is a must. Dubbed as China's V Valley and committed to exploring and promoting the development of China's digital video industry, it is a foregoer of China's film and television, radio and television program production.

To ensure that the recent China New Media Conference in Malanshan ended up a success, Ledman team, with an in‐ depth understanding of customer needs, developed a detailed plan and completed the installation task with quality and quantity guaranteed. Strict quality control and safety management were carried out during the installation process to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards.

The brand’s UHD Super‐COB energy‐ saving cold screen, which features supersize, super resolution, super pixel density, and cool, sci‐fi stunning visuals, has become a new feature, new highlight and new symbol of Malanshan video cultural and creative industrial park, deeply impressing the participants of the China New Media Conference.

Ledman had its UHD COB display favored by Malanshan, showing Ledman’s technology leadership and brand influence in the industry. Ledman, China's first LED display high‐tech listed company, and manufacturer of ice and snow five rings for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, with focus on 8K UHD

video industry and contributing to 8K development, is one of the domestic COB advanced technology research and development pathfinder.

Based on Ledman's own patented core technologies, including flip‐chip COB advanced technology and Super‐COB display technology, Ledman has delivered to Malanshan the UHD COB energy‐saving cold screen that features a resolution of 6400*12600 and contains80 million pixels.

This large screen captures more image detail and has a wider color gamut. The image color is realistic and full, and the display quality is delicate and clear, making it an ideal solution for the presentation of detailed content, such as UHD videos and ultra‐high‐resolution images.

Capable of true restoration of natural colors, this COB UHD energy‐saving cold screen has low surface temperature and low power consumption, making itself a really cost‐effective energy‐ saving cold screen product, perfect for users’ close experience.

Ledman COB UHD display series products operating in the industrial park are of great significance for Malanshan in the development of "culture +science and technology". It will help Malanshan promote the application of UHD video technology in all links of the cultural industry chain. It will help create multiple advantageous application scenarios and deepen industrial integration, with an intelligent display terminal as the carrier to pursue breakthroughs.


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