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LD Daphne Chu illuminatesAngela Zhang “Fabel” World Tour

The Angela Zhang “Fabel” World Tour, brought to life by lighting designers Daphne Ting‐Yu Chu and Cheng Wei Lee continues to mesmerise global audiences. This remarkable collaboration pushes artistic boundaries, intertwining music and storytelling through light, creating an immersive visual spectacle that transcends convention.

In the world of concert lighting design and lighting installation, Daphne Ting‐ Yu Chu stands out as a versatile artist, making waves globally with her unique approach. Her work spans various disciplines, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with light. Chu is best known for her lighting designs on the Angela Zhang “Fabel” World Tour, a remarkable collaboration with fellow designer Cheng Wei Lee. The ongoing tour has graced 22 cities and promises more shows in 2024.Together, Chu and Lee have created a captivating visual experience that defies convention.

Daphne Chu's distinctive style lies in her ability to merge music and storytelling through lighting. Her designs aim to convey not just the musical dynamics but also the emotional narratives within the songs, forging a deeper connection with the audience. She achieves this by harmonizing the texture of sound with that of light, resulting in an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Her artistic pursuits extend beyond live concerts. Chu has ventured into the realm of interactive lighting installations, exploring the diverse possibilities of light. Her dedication to understanding the various qualities of light has led her to create installations that engage and immerse viewers.

One of her notable works is the interactive lighting installation, "Flow." Within the work, Chu captures people's movements in real‐time, transforming them into dynamic displays of light that illuminate the surrounding space. "Flow" seamlessly connects human energy with the performance space, offering an interactive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

At the Plasa Show 2023 on September 4th, she delivered a speech that dove into the creative process that underpins her work and discussed her innovative approach to storytelling through the medium of light. Chu’s presentation provided a window into the meticulous craftsmanship behind her pioneering designs, offering a deeper understanding of her artistic endeavours. Daphne Chu's approach to lighting design has brought a renewed sense of life into the live concert and interactive art scene. Her ability to weave sound and narrative into her lighting creations showcases her artistic skill and commitment to delivering memorable experiences for audiences worldwide. As she continues to explore the potential of light in her work, we eagerly anticipate more intriguing creations from Chu in the coming year.


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