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KV2 Audio hosts live demo for AV consultants, rental partners, and audio engineers in Singapore

In line with its ethos, KV2 Audio is committed to sharing technical knowledge about sound reproduction and the key characteristics of its range of products to the industry sectors that it serves. As part of this program, KV2's Director of Sales Asia, Robert Adrian Tan, recently organised a series of listening demos held inside the facility of their local partner, Sindo Exports, in Singapore.

"The KV2 Audio Demo was extended to an invite only to the rental network partners, AV consultants, sound engineers and designers. As there were two demos concurrently held just prior to this demo, we wanted to showcase the KV2 Audio SL and ES Series. Just for a few minutes, we want our guests to forget everything else they have read about speaker system design and think about what truly defines clear, quality sound," said Robert.

The demo started off with the Kv2 Audio EX12, followed by the EX15, and then the ES System. Following those loudspeakers was the SL system paired with the VHD 2.18 subs which were put to the listeners ears , to hear, what an intense system it was.

The Kv2 Audio SL Series is a system that can be utilised for clubs and other applications as well. The SL412 is a slim, discreetly profiled cabinet with wide dispersion at high frequencies. The four 12‐inch speaker configuration provides controlled low‐mid focus to reduce indoor reflection. Its slim design allows for simple wall mounting, suspension, ground stacking or internal wall fixing.

The Kv2 Audio ES 1.0 with the ES 2.5 subs is a compact and modular system with all the electronics and amplification housed in separate, portable units – the EPAK 2500 and 2500R. Placing the active electronics package outboard results in a lighter, easier to handle system with much more flexibility. Its compact size reduces transport costs and either ground stacked or own, it is quick and easy to setup, cutting labour costs dramatically. The EPAK 2500/R control unit incorporates four amplifiers.

Electronic crossover filters, time alignment, equalization, system protection, and level controls are all done onboard, utilizing industry leading 20MHz digital conversion where required.

"I Heard the Difference" was certainly confirmed by Sheldon Gooi from The Production People, and he had all compliments for how small a footprint the systems were, and was impressed, even with the smaller systems such as the KV2 Audio EX26, which provided a good coverage and with defined clarity.

Marc Brandon and Kenny Heng from CSP, had also good compliments on the KV2 Audio ES System. The clarity and balanced low frequencies for the ES and SL Systems had proven themselves way and above the call of duty to perform.

"A big shout out to Sindo Exports Pte Ltd for having prepared all the KV2 Audio equipment. Also a big thank you to Josh M for assisting with the music arrangements," concluded Robert.

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