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Kunstmin Dordrecht invests in Robe T1s

Schouwburg Kunstmin is a theatre and performing arts venue in the Dordrecht, the Netherlands, which has invested in Robe’s T1 Profile LED moving lights – a stylish and refined energy‐efficient luminaire designed with the demands and precision of theatre lighting at its core. The sale was delivered by Robe’s Benelux distributor Controllux. The theatre is looking to add more T1s to the inventory to replace their aging 2Ks on the FOH bridge with an LED source. Head of lighting Bart Meester and head of technical and facilities Martijn Lohuis were both involved in this latest investment.

It followed another set of T1s, LEDWash 300+s and LEDBeam150s purchased in 2019 for M3, a fully flexible ‘bare floor’ performance space at Energiehuis, a reimagined old power station building now dedicated to culture and the arts.

Left to right: Martijn Lohuis, Leon de Bruin, Bart Meester, Eric Verbeek and Controllux’s Kuno van Velzen

This vibrant multiple hall, multi‐ purpose venue is used by several promoters and organisations, and M3, its largest space, is programmed and run by the team from Schouwberg Kunstmin. Other halls and rooms in Energiehuis also contain various Robe fixtures that have been supplied over recent years by Controllux. The T1 Profiles were chosen for the range of colours including whites plus the “excellent colour mixing and shutter system,” commented Erik, while Bart added that the zoom was another major factor, as it was with the LEDBeam 150 FWs (Fresnel Wash) that were ordered at the same time. The price of the LEDBeam 150 FWs was also very attractive, so 16 of these joined the eight T1 Profiles for the 752‐ seater Kunstmin Main Hall. Lighting control for both Kunstmin and M3 at Energiehuis is via grandMA3 consoles.

Photos © Louise Stickland

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