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Križanke venue invests in Robe

The charismatic Križanke Summer Theatre (Poletno gledališče Križanke) in Ljubljana, is one of the city’s favourite venues, utilised by the city’s Ljubljana Festival in summer, as well as for a variety of concerts and shared with the school of Design and Photography. The 3400 standing / 1400 seated capacity arena is located inside the courtyard of the former Holy Cross Monastery, right at the heart of Slovenia’s picturesque capital, and is known for its great vibes.

During the pandemic, an elegant new load‐bearing tensile fabric roof was installed – this was planned for some time – which facilitates production elements like lighting and sound as well as providing year‐round weather protection. New Robe moving lights were purchased as part of a major upgrade to the house lighting system and a major investment by the municipality.

Križanke did have house lights previously, explained technical manager Adam Muzafirović, but not movers. If they wanted moving lights or other more complex technology for a specific show, this would be sourced via rental, and the with 4‐month long 2022 summer season approaching, a decision was made to purchase rather than rent, both to cover this event and the venue’s ongoing technical requirements.

Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound supplied 12 x BMFL Blades, 12 x Spiider LED wash beams and 6 of the larger Tarrantula LED wash beams, specified by the venue technical team after careful consideration. “We needed to be rider friendly first and foremost,”

Adam stated, and with a wide variety of incoming artists, companies and shows, he and his team wanted a brand acceptable to all.

Adam lights some shows himself if they don’t have an LD, and before working at Križanke, he worked extensively in the theatre world.

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