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Johannes Münsch uses GLP JDC1, impression E350 and FUSION X‐PAR 12Z set‐up for Gregor Hägele

When Gregor Hägele set out on his very first tour – a sold‐out success for the young German singer‐songwriter, Johannes Münsch was responsible for set and lighting design and he also joined the tour as lighting technician and operator. With just six GLP JDC1 hybrid strobes, and four each of the impression E350 and FUSION X‐PAR 12Z, he was able to create a flexible and versatile set‐up for venues with capacities ranging from 300 to 1,200 people.

He mounted two of the JDC1s on three vertical truss supports, and then filled the space between the stands with the four impression E350 spots, which, placed directly on their cases, created beam looks and gobo effects. Two FUSION X‐PAR 12Zs each side then created the alley lights.

However, the JDC1s were clearly the main focus. The designer used the versatile hybrid strobes “to bathe the stage in colour and emphasise rhythmic or complete strobelines.” Johannes adopted the JDC1 primarilyfor its output and its variability. “You can also generate very nice effects with the individual pixels and, for example, emphasise clapping in a very differentiated way,” he adds. “I was already familiar with them from several other productions, most of which I did together with Tom Groß, and so I already had a lot of experience. 

I particularly enjoy using the lamp in combination with impression X4 Bars or JDC Lines.” In contrast, the FUSION X‐PAR 12Z was new territory for Johannes: “The Gregor Hägele tour was my first use of this fixture,” he admits. “But I was extremely happy with it. The X‐PAR 12Z has a very nice output and zoom.

It was therefore perfect as an alley light. The low power consumption also made power planning easier for me, as everything could basically fit on a 16A CEE connection.”


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