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JBL SRX900 Series High‐Performance Professional Powered Sound Systems

HARMAN Professional Solutions introduced the JBL SRX900 Series of powered line arrays. The family, which includes dual 6.5‐inch and dual 10‐inch powered line array elements and 18‐inch and dual 18‐inch powered subwoofers, is ideal for rental companies, fixed installations and musicians seeking the ultimate combination of performance and portability. SBX900 Series speakers showcase acoustic innovations like JBL’s patented Radiation Boundary Integrator™ (RBI), which mounts both the high and low‐ frequency transducers on a single horn, improving horizontal dispersion while minimizing cabinet size. A proprietary waveguide provides perfect cabinet‐to‐ cabinet summation for seamless front‐ to‐back coverage, and a large horn extends low‐frequency control and reduces unwanted energy behind the array.

SRX900 models feature built‐in DSP that provides everything users need to optimize and tune their systems, including 24‐band parametric EQ, 2,000 ms of delay and gain control.

JBL’s proprietary Array Size Compensation (ASC) filter corrects for different array sizes, while the FIR‐based Throw Distance Compensation (TDC) filter compensates for air‐imposed sound loss, for more uniform sound distribution. A rear‐panel LCD provides access to key control features.

A suite of software tools simplify system design and management: Use the Windows‐based LAC‐3 simulation software to predict acoustical performance and the Array Link iOS/ Android companion app to share

rigging and mechanical information from LAC‐3 to mobile devices.

The SRX900 Series’ dedicated CloudworX Performance Wi‐Fi‐capable system‐management software integrates configuration and control functions in a single application.

The SRX900 Series supports HARMAN’s new HControl Ethernet protocol, which brings advances in stability, reduces network traffic load and removes the need for complex IP addresses.

The SRX900 Series offers a complete system solution, including speakers, subwoofers and accessories that support a range of configurations and simplify storage, transport and rigging. SRX900 systems can be deployed in a variety of ways, from pole‐mounted to ground‐stacked to flown arrays of up to 16 cabinets.

Because the SRX900 Series is self‐ powered, users never have to worry about matching components or lugging amp racks. Custom Class D amplifiers are passively cooled, with no open holes that could allow water or dust to enter the electronics.

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