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JBL Professional introduces FIR tunings for select Control Contractor Series loudspeakers

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting, and control technologies, today announced its JBL Professional FIR tunings for select Control Contractor Series loudspeakers, providing further enhanced performance.

The FIR filters optimize both frequency response and phase response to a finer degree of precision than has typically been possible with standard IIR “parameter‐based” filters. Additionally, these FIR filters were designed to meet JBL Pro’s new V6 FIR tuning standard.


V6 Tuning Features:

  • Equalization to a neutral frequency response

  • Improved linearized phase response above 300 Hz

  • Allows users to start with a known flat voicing for further EQ’ing to the needs of the install

  • Improved signal coherence

  • Matched gain to allow for smooth system tuning and subwoofer integration


The V6 FIR tunings are for COL600 & COL800, SLP12/T & SLP14/T, GSF6 & GSF8, and Control 68HP products. The posted tunings are for use with Crown DCI‐N and DCI‐DA power amplifiers.

Additional tuning files are expected to be released for Crown CDI DriveCore amplifiers promptly thereafter. Offering superior sound and broad and targeted coverage choices for a range of indoor and outdoor commercial applications, these full‐range speaker and subwoofer models give installers versatile options for building new systems or augmenting existing systems.

 All models feature premium multitap transformers for use in distributed systems and are switchable for direct operation. These sleek, elegant speakers — several of which are winners of prestigious international design awards for industrial design excellence — complement a broad range of décors and finishes.

The Control Contractor V6 FIR Tunings were developed to enhance the Control Contractor lineup as a way of producing unmatched performance from this versatile loudspeaker line.

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