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Jay Productions find a robust acoustic answer in the NEXO GEO M12

Calling on extensive industry knowledge and a curated catalogue of high‐end audio‐visual equipment, Jay Productions maintains an exceptional track record in providing and deploying technical equipment for events throughout Australia. Demonstrating a consistent quality of work across an array of technical disciplines, Jay Productions service a wealth of corporate, outdoor, and small to large‐ scale productions each year. With ever

‐changing event requirements recently under the microscope, Jay Productions have invested in a NEXO GEO M12 line system as their primary scalable solution for production audio.

An ongoing dedication to streamlining workflows and refining sound quality lies at the heart of managing director Jason Ghazal’s considerations. While prospecting for a suitable solution to elevate the company’s existing framework, Jason was impressed by the efficiency and power of NEXO’s GEO M12 technology. Answering his need for compact and versatile modules within small to medium‐scale applications, Jason explains how the system has efficiently rounded out his arsenal: “We have been undertaking a number of small outdoor productions that range from community festivals to council events. These events called for hardware that would deliver peak sound performance as well as being compact and able to be swiftly configured. The M12 has filled the gap in our collection by providing our sound engineers with a quick and easy turnkey system for bump‐ins with short timeframes. The easy and quick installation reduces labour time on site, for both setup and pack up – which our engineers love. Not to mention the sound quality is second to none.”

Packed with a wealth of clever design considerations, the GEO M12 offers up NEXO’s signature sonic performance in a lighter, more portable shell than its celebrated predecessor, the GEO S12. The GEO M12’s unparalleled power is housed within lean modules with onboard rigging hardware for building the perfect hang or stack during fast‐ paced set ups. Alongside the partnering MSUB18 cabinet, the system is capable of outstanding coverage and is a flexible option for both installation and touring applications. The mid‐high elements can deliver a powerful peak SPL of 140dB and are capable of a superb 50Hz‐20kHz frequency response.

“We’ve been enjoying taking the M12 to site, in most scenarios we use the system as a ground stack build and have the odd occasion of flying the cabinets – both arrangements are simple to set up. Having the MSUB for low‐end reinforcement really compliments the line array and we’ve found that it has been easier for our audio engineers to mix on the M12 compared to some other systems. A lot of this comes from the improved technology established by NEXO in their NXAMP MK2 amplifiers that are easy to use and navigate, along with the system’s outstanding processing.”

Closing the gap in Jay Production’s audio arsenal and providing an advanced and robust acoustic answer skillfully tailored to each event, Jason reflects on the GEO M12 and succinctly sums up the system: “The M12 is a great, diverse solution that makes any material sound better – whether the audio engineer is straight out of Uni or has had 25 years of experience. It’s just a fantastic all‐round system!”



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