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INFiLED accelerates Global market expansion

INFiLED enhances its presence in EMEA with a new showroom in Dubai

On June 2nd, the grand opening ceremony of INFiLED Dubai subsidiary's new office was held. Attendees included the President of INFiLED, Michael Hao, the Global Sales Director, Mr. Li Yabin, the CEO of the EMEA region, Mr. Marco Bruines, the EMEA region Marketing Manager, Ms. Anna Ferrer, and the Sales Vice President of the Middle East, Mr. Samer Otaibi, marking another milestone in INFiLED's development in the Middle East.

To enhance our business expansion capabilities in the Middle East market, INFiLED has expanded the scale of its Dubai subsidiary. The new office, located in Dubai Film City, covers an area of 285 square meters, three times larger than the previous office, and is equipped with a product experience center and a maintenance center.

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new showroom in Dubai,” said Samer Otaibi, VP Sales of INFiLED Middle East. “Due to the rapid growth of our business in the Middle East over the past few years, at INFiLED Middle East had to decide to expandour investment in the region. As part of this expansion, we are delighted to announce the opening of a new office that is almost triple the size of our previous one, including an Experience and Service Center. Our valuable customers can expect nothing but the best when it comes to LED displays from INFiLED. With our new showroom, we are excited to offer a firsthand experience of the latest and most high‐tech display solutions that meet the highest standards of quality,” says Mr. Samer Otaibi.

On the day of the new office opening ceremony, INFiLED Dubai subsidiary also officially opened its new multi‐ functional showroom. The experience center is designed with a modern and technological concept, incorporating digital technology and other multimedia interactive forms in a futuristic space. Multiple high‐ definition large‐sized displays are showcased, providing a comprehensive display of the company's core products and technologies such as high‐ definition fixed screens, lightweight rental screens, and multi‐functional creative screens. The exhibition covers mainstream applications in areas such as xR virtual shooting, indoor small pitches, commercial displays, outdoor fixed installations, and rentals and staging. Dubai serves as an important hub connecting the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The establishment of the new showroom undoubtedly helps INFiLED further expand its localized services in the Middle East region, establishing a complete business chain and localized experience center.

Opening Week of INFiLED Malaysia Subsidiary: Embarks on a New Chapter in the Asia‐Pacific Region

Committed to its global development goals, INFiLED strives to provide high‐ quality localized services and support to its global customers. At the end of 2022, INFiLED established its Malaysia subsidiary, opening an experience center and maintenance center. After months of preparation, from May 8th to 10th, the Malaysia subsidiary held a grand opening week event, inviting Southeast Asian clients and important partners to celebrate this auspicious moment. This also signifies a milestone in INFiLED’s business development in the Asia‐Pacific region, solidifying its continuous growth in the region and providing personalized and localized one‐stop services to its clients in the Asia‐Pacific region.

One of INFiLED’s representative projects in Malaysia is the dual‐sided billboard on the Federal Highway. In May of this year, the massive billboard customized by INFiLED officially went into operation. With a height of 7.68 meters and a width of 24.9 meters, the billboard utilizes a pixel pitch of 10mm and a resolution of 2496*768, displaying clear and vivid images that provide viewers with an immersive visual experience.

As an experienced enterprise in the LED display industry, INFiLED brings professional visual solutions to the global market with outstanding performance, providing customers with immersive experiential spaces.

Adhering to the principle of "customer first," INFiLED has established a global service network and experience centers. It set up offices in multiple cities in China, and a global maintenance service center in Hong Kong. Also, it has exclusive agents in Canada and Australia, and subsidiaries in Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and other regions. It is simultaneously planning for more international service points, to provide customers worldwide with full‐process services from pre‐ sales to after‐sales.

With the development of LED display technology and the continuous release of market demand at home and abroad, INFiLED adheres to an innovation‐driven development strategy, conducts a comprehensive product chain layout, and covers a global service network system. It always upholds the vision of "becoming a world‐class manufacturer of large video equipment", bringing high‐quality LED products to more regions.


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