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IKONIX deploys Brompton Technology atThe Brisbane Broncos season launch event in The Tiv

Photo © IKONIES The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club Ltd., are an Australian professional rugby league football club based in the city of Brisbane, QLD. For this year’s season launch, the club worked with their tried and tested event technology service provider, IKONIX to deliver an intimate event bringing the team and fans safely together all under one roof at The Tivoli Theatre, nicknamed The Tiv, with Brompton processing playing an important part in the overall success.

“Our team has been working with the club for a number of years, supporting with productions of different scales of highly polished events. This year’s was no exception,” says Zachary Burton, Director at IKONIX.

The situation in Australia was still very much restricted at the time of the Broncos season launch event, which was in March this year, with many events being delivered virtually. For the IKONIX team, this was the perfect opportunity to build trust with the audience and work with a new social‐distancing system. As part of the stage design, the team opted for a ‘forest’ of LED strips allowing them to build sections individually and safely. “We used 60 1.2m ROE LED Strips, all powered by Brompton processing,” says Burton.

Having already used Brompton’s Tessera LED processors on manylive shows and events, there was no question of using any other LED processing solution but Brompton. “We have found Tessera processors amazing for getting quick results with LED strips, with the 360‐degree rotation and mapping tools making it easy to build the set. Additionally, the colour correction that Tessera software offers enabled us to carefully balance and match all the colours,” continues Burton.

The video content showed at the event was produced in‐house by IKONIX, which, coupled with the physical installation of the LED Strips, created depth and tunnel‐like effect for the players entering the stage from its rear centre side. The content played on the LED Strips matched the content on the flanking projection screens, offering the audience a spectacular visual show.

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