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Humblo play forest concerts using Cameo battery‐powered lighting technology

Cologne band Humblo played several forest concerts in August. Since the Humblo forest concerts were deliberately played in front of a small audience and held in a natural setti ng with a small technical team, the equipment not only had to be portable and battery‐ powered, but also flexible, robust and quickly ready for use.

Atmospheric lighting was created using Cameo portable battery‐ powered spotlights, including the new DROP B1 outdoor mini uplight and the compact F1 FC RGBW Fresnel spotlight.

The band used a total of 12 Cameo DROP B1 outdoor mini uplights. Depending on the specificsetti ng, they were positioned in different ways on the ground around the three musicians. The DROP B1 was supplemented with two ZENIT B60 B LED PAR spotlights, two ZENIT B200 outdoor wash lights and a compact F1 FC RGBW Fresnel spotlight for basic brightness around the natural venue. All of the spotlights were operated using batteries, with the F1 FC using the optional V‐mount battery plate. The PA system was also completely mobile: an LD Systems MAUI 5 GO.

In addition to the uncomplicated design of the spotlights, the combination of a Cameo DVC USB‐ to‐DMX interface, Daslight DMX software and iDMX CORE W‐DMX Converter also ensured everything could be handled swiftly. Cameo DMX software was used to programme scenes in advance and patch the spotlights accordingly. It was a small, refined setup that was highly effective in terms of its atmospheric and natural impact.


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